Advice and support for family or friends

The Simple Living Blog suggests the following steps:

1.  Understand that hoarding is a serious disorder - it is important to have compassion and patience. 

2.  Educate yourself about hoarding - the more you understand the more you will be able to help your loved one. 

3. Take care of yourself! -  after educating yourself about hoarding, you can have a compassionate and understanding talk with your the person and hopefully get him to agree to make an appointment for professional support. 

If you live with the another way you can help yourself is by designating one room in your house for their stuff.  Hopefully, with time and help, your hoarding partner will be able to let go of some stuff, but in the meantime, let him have a room. 

One rule for this step is to make sure that the designated room is kept in a safe condition. 

4.  Provide Practical Support - find a professional that can help with the clean up process.

5.  Understand That It Is a Process - there is a great deal of work to do to get to the bottom of what is causing this behavior, and they can certainly use a friend during this time. 


Is your loved one ready to receive support?

It is very important that your loved one is ready to receive psychological and practical support, it cannot be forced upon them.

Please be patient, respectful and  encouraging. I know this can be a very stressful time for all involved but with our team effort we can provide the best support for the hoarder. 

If they are ready to receive support, please get in contact today.

We respect that people may not want to have a medical diagnosis and be labelled, therefore if you do not consider yourself as a hoarder but still wish to contact us for support, please do not hesitate to!



Practical & psychological support

How we can help:

I have started a collaboration with an amazing therapist in order to provide the maximum support for hoarders. I will be building a network of therapists to enable my clients to view a portfolio of different therapists. 

Practical and psychological support is available for people that think they may be affected by hoarding or for relatives or friends that would like to receive support in helping a loved one. 

Our collaborations can help the person to get to the root cause of their hoarding. 

Our support helps the person to understand themselves better, improve their socialisation and confidence as well as the practical work of dealing with the clutter at hand and improving the safety of the home. 

This is an amazing and personal service tailored for individual needs.

We will be writing blogs in order to provide advice on how to support a loved one and you can book a call in with me if you would like to receive our help. 

Psychological and practical support

Psychological and practical support

the process:

psychological support


Karin Brauner

Karin Brauner

Karin Brauner

Karin is an accredited therapist that works integratively, with a strong psychodynamic base.

 Fluent in English and Spanish. 



Karin Brauner

Karin Brauner